Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is this "My Virtual Partners"?

My Virtual Partners lets you explore a relationship with a girlfriend / boyfriend but without all the baggage that comes with dating. You can create your ideal girlfriend / boyfriend, customizing their personality and even how you met. You can then interact with them via text message. And yes, we have real humans playing your girlfriend / boyfriend on the other side.

2. Why is "My Virtual Partners" a thing?

We are all looking for a place where we can let our guard down and be our true selves, and many people look for that in a relationship with a significant other. However, dating comes with a lot of baggage. It's hard to find people that meet your expectations, and then it's hard to see if you're even compatible. We let you explore a relationship with a conversational companion without the trouble of dating. Many people use the service to practice dating, or just gain the confidence to start dating.

3. What will My Virtual Partners look like?

A My Virtual Partners is the combination of a selfie, great conversation, personalized notes, and gifts. You get to pick their face out of a collection of selfies, or upload your own. From there what they look like is part of the story.

4. How does it work?

You sign up, design your new girlfriend / boyfriend’s personality, and personalize one of the how-we- met story options. You’ll then get a direct text from your new significant other. From there you can chat normally with your My Virtual Partners, who is actually written by an online workforce. You’re texting with real, but anonymous, people.

5. Wait, real people are responding? Do they know who I am?

Everything is confidential. The writers only see your first name, city or region, the last few messages, and the personality you crafted for your virtual partner. There’s no way for them to identify you. That’s the beauty of the service: you get to practice texting with real humans without worrying about them judging or rejecting you.

6. What if we hit it off and I run out of texts?

You can purchase more at any time.

7. So is this a dirty texting service?

Nope! You’ll have to go elsewhere for that. Any sexting through our service will get your account suspended.

8. My virtual partner... Will I love her?

We know, that new-message “ding” is a nice rush of dopamine. We don’t want to make any judgments, but we would advise against falling in love with your virtual partner. You deserve the love of a real person.