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Arthur Technologies Founder Explores How VR Will Usher In The Future Of Work

This week, Allwork.Space hosted Christoph Fleischmann of Arthur Technologies for its FUTURE OF WORK® Podcast to discuss how new advancements will help with the transition to a more hybrid workplace.  

From the metaverse to VR, Fleischmann says that these types of tools will continue to advance the way companies can operate — especially in the era of hybrid work models.  

Utilizing such technology makes geography nearly obsolete, as workers from all over the globe can achieve the immersive experience of being in an office without stepping out their front door.  

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“[The] way it’s going to feel like is, and at least that’s our vision, that no matter where I am in the world, I have the ability to put on an advanced, mixed reality headset and feel like I’m in our office,” said Fleischmann.  

One of the biggest perks of entering an augmented reality is the ability to achieve both play and business. For instance, Fleischmann says users can play a quick game of virtual golf, then instantly head to a virtual meeting space. In short, the possibilities are endless. 

“I have all of the positive emotions of being there with my coworkers. I have all of the capabilities and the attention of people that I enjoy when I’m actually in a workshop physically with them.” 

He adds that a fully digital world is just the tip of the iceberg. Moving forward, the metaverse will likely incorporate “mixed reality experiences,” creating a seamless connection between both the virtual and real world. 

“For me, the metaverse is the logical evolution of everything we have done until now in the digital space,” said Fleischmann. “I do believe the three-dimensional component is important in its definition, meaning it’s a three-dimensional digital world that I can visit.” 

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