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First Solar installs solar power for private lands

Construction for First Solar’s first utility-scale solar power plant in
California, the 21-megawatt AC Blythe facility, had been completed last

First Solar, a solar module manufacturer and supplier of comprehensive
photovoltaic system solutions, will be working on solar projects
for the Edison International subsidiary Edison Mission Group [EMG].   A deviation
from First Solar’s existing public land projects which are under contract with
utilities, EMG projects are not yet contracted and implemented on private

EMG is in charge of the power generation business as well as other
unregulated subsidiaries of Edison International.  Edison International is also the parent
company of Southern California Edison.

Situated in California and South-western United States, the acquisition
projects are from 20 megawatts to 150 megawatts.

First Solar vice president of business development for North America says
the acquisition of the EMG projects signify the company’s leadership in the
U.S. utility market.

Based in Irvine California, EMG has operations which include owned or
leased interests in 44 power generation facilities, which have a combined
capacity of 11,413 megawatts.  EMG owns
10,214 megawatts of the said electric capacity.

Among EMG’s power generation assets are fossil-fuel power plants in
California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Washington, West Virginia, and Turkey; a
New York biomass facility; and wind energy projects in Iowa, Minnesota, New
Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wyoming.  EMG’s subsidiaries include Edison Mission
Energy (EME), an independent power producer engaged in the business of
owning, leasing, operating and selling energy and capacity from electric power
generation facilities; Midwest Generation (MWG), which operates six electric
power generating plants in Illinois and supervises operation of the EME Homer
City Generation plant in Homer City, Pennsylvania; and Edison Mission Operation
& Maintenance, Inc. (EMOMI), which operates eight natural gas power plants
in partnership with other companies in California and a waste coal plant in
West Virginia.  EMOMI also operates wind
farms located in Iowa, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.

First Solar has been supplying technical services to Edison
International’s solar projects since 2008. Edison, on the other hand, has been
in charge of the permitting and acquisition for First Solar.

It was also in December when First Solar manufactured and shipped more
than 1 gigawatt of its solar modules in 2009, thereby achieving the distinction
of being the first PV company to reach their massive production volume in just one
year.  First Solar initially only
produced 75 megawatts per year.

The company’s recent achievement is the production of solar modules at
$0.98 per wattFind Article, breaking the $1 per watt price range of the solar
industry.  First Solar aims to reduce
costs further through advanced technology and manufacturing processes.