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These Are The Workplace Trends That Are Expected To Persist In The Future

Current shifts such as the Great Resignation and quiet quitting have made their presence known in the workforce, but which lessons are expected to persist in the future of work?  

One trend that has emerged in recent years has been the restructuring of companies in order to become more efficient, competitive and relevant. For instance, General Electric split its operations into three companies recently to better focus on its aviation, health care and energy departments.   

Another persistent trend is the concept of upskilling and reskilling. The needs of the workplace are constantly evolving, with technology advancing faster than ever before. But this doesn’t mean hiring talent with educational experience under their belt – having the necessary skills will matter more in the long run. 

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In fact, just 11% of business leaders agree that having a degree is necessary for jobs, indicating that knowledge can be gained from other corners of life. The chokehold higher education has on the workforce is starting to loosen.   

Research has shown there has been a spike in freelancers and independent contractors, supporting that the workforce continues to become more mobile. With the adoption of collaborative software that makes working from anywhere possible, the geographic location of a worker seems to be becoming less relevant.   

Alongside the distribution of employees comes the need for digital skills. Because technology is necessary for these types of operations, workers that have experience in using these tools are expected to stand out more in the war for talent. 

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